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Sony NGP: Devil May Cry dev calls PSP2 a 'clear shot at the hardcore'

Ninja Theory is hoping for 3DS-like price

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has told CVG that it's excited by the "high end capabilities" of Sony NGP (PSP2) - and that it considers the device a "clear shot at the hardcore".

The UK studio, which is currently hard at work on Capcom's reboot of Devil May Cry - dubbed DmC - has also joined millions of gamers in applauding Sony's decision to introduce twin thumbsticks to the console.


"I'm certainly excited by NGP as a platform because it's a clear shot at the hardcore market with high end capabilities and decent control input systems," Ninja Theory co-founder and tech chief Mike Ball told CVG.

"With that configuration they can build on the user base of 360 and PS3 players who might consider a current PSP game to be an inferior experience. Also, whilst I absolutely adore my iPhone, gaming on it is rather like snacking on a pack of crisps, I'm hoping that the NGP will provide the full pie 'n' chips."

When asked what price tag Ninja Theory hoped NGP would carry, Ball said he was keeping his "fingers crossed for something in the £200 - £300 range".

Sega West president Mike Hayes has told CVG that he is "extremely optimistic" NGP will be a sales success.

Meanwhile, UK developer Codemasters has predicted that the price of the system will be in line with Nintendo's 3DS in the UK.

Sony unveiled NGP last Thursday, revealing a very impressive set of technical specs. The console boasts a five inch OLED screen that can handle 16 million colours.