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PSP re-releases coming on NGP flash cards - report

Sony apparently planning to put PSP games on the new NGP flash card format

Sketchy this, but Andriasang's reporting that Sony plans to re-release select PSP titles on the NGP's new flash-based game cards for retail.

This apparently comes from a Sony rep speaking with Japanese site Gigazine.


According to Andriasang, who hasn't posted any direct translation of the words spoken or named the Sony rep in question, PSP games will be playable on the new NGP as both digital downloads and, in some cases, as retail re-releases on the new physical media.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai has already confirmed that the firm is actively encouraging developers to release as many of their PSP UMD titles as digital downloads on the PS Store so that future NGP owners may access them on the new portable powerhouse.

But Sony made no mention of plans to put old PSP games on new NGP game cards during its presentation last week.

We speculate that these 'physical re-releases' could possibly refer to the release of rezzed-up or otherwise enhanced compilations of PSP classics, in the same manner that some PS2 titles (God of War, Prince of Persia) have be re-released on Blu-Ray disc for HD play on PS3.

We've reached out to SCEA for feedback.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]