Halo Kinect website bought by MS

Xbox owner snaps up intriguing URL

Microsoft has purchased an online domain which hints at a future combination of two of its key brands.

According to its WHOis profile, MS registered the domain on June 14 last year.


Could it be a hint that a motion-controlled Master Chief title is on its way to 360? The news comes after an MS trademark for Gears Of War: Exile was discovered last month, which some believe will be a Kinect-compatible title.

Internal MS studio 343 Industries is currently hard at work on a "new high profile Halo experience", following Bungie's departure to create a multiplatform game for Activision.

Rumours abound that 343 is also polishing up Halo: Combat Evolved in HD for a re-release this year.

Over to you, readers... Halo and Kinect, Kinect and Halo. Could it ever work?

[ SOURCE: Gaming reloaded ]