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Black Ops First Strike DLC launches on Xbox 360

Available for download for 1200MP

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack is now available to download exclusively on Xbox 360.

Reports of UK gamers downloading the title are coming in thick and fast - but Microsoft mouthpiece Major Nelson sent out this clarification last night:


"First Strike map pack will be available after 9a ET/6aPT/1400 GMT. It may show up earlier but... The First Strike Pack is tied to the language of your Call of Duty:Black Ops Disc."

So in other words, make sure you download it in English. CVG readers have told us that so long as you download the DLC in-game rather than through the 360 Dashboard, it appears to be working.

Check out a huge array of screenshots from the First Strike Map pack through here.

The DLC costs 1200 MP, and contains maps including Stadium, Kolwoon, Discovery and Berlin Wall. It will reach PS3 and PC next month.