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Sony NGP: Price of PSP2 will be 'attractive', predicts Ubisoft

EU boss Corre says console can woo smartphone market

Ubisoft has predicted that Sony will launch NGP (PSP2) at an "attractive price", and expressed confidence that the device can woo a "huge" market of smartphone gamers.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Ubisoft's European MD Alain Corre complimented Sony on NGP's "unique offer".


The exec forecast that if the platform holder can tempt consumers away from iPhone and Android devices, its new console stands to be a great success.

Sony was keen to highlight the "social" and "connected" capabilities of NGP at its Tokyo launch last week - as well as the stunning technical specifications of the device.

"The handheld gaming market has fundamentally changed in the last few years notably as more and more people begin to play games on the go with their smart phones," Corre told CVG.

"If Sony can capture this huge market - and they do have a unique offer for that market with the NGP - then success will definitely be on the agenda for them."

When asked what he expected the price of NGP to be, Corre added: "I trust Sony to know their market very well and to be able to offer a price that will make their machine attractive."


Sony has clarified that NGP will be released across multiple SKUs. All will feature WiFi, but only one, likely to be the most expensive, will carry 3G capability - for which there will also be an extra subscription charge.

A weighty line-up of new games - including new Killzone, Call Of Duty and Resistance titles - has already been confirmed for the device.

Sega West president Mike Hayes has told CVG that he is "extremely optimistic" NGP will be a sales success.

Meanwhile, UK developer Codemasters has predicted that the price of the system will be in line with Nintendo's 3DS in the UK, at around £230.