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Play 3DS first!

Go hands-on with 3DS *six weeks* before launch day

You've probably heard us banging on about 3DS, about how awesome it is and how you've really got to see it in action to appreciate its amazing 3D graphics. "That's all very well," you may say to no one in particular, "But how am I to see it in action before launch day?" Here's how...

Nintendo - in association with HMV and our publishing bredren Official Nintendo Magazine - are holding special events to let you try out 3DS a whole six weeks before it goes on sale in the UK on 25 March. You'll be able to actually hold a 3DS and try out a range of games and software, and can even place a pre-order there and then if your mind is sufficiently blown (which we suspect it might be).

The events are being held in Bristol and Glasgow on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 February, and you'll need to register online to be in with a chance of getting a 'plus one' ticket (which will admit you and a friend). If you are picked to come along, you'll be among the first people in the UK to play 3DS, and you may find afterwards that people want your autograph (perhaps).

For your chance to receive an invite you must register your interest here. If you're selected you'll be sent a personalised email invitation within the next seven days. The invitation will contain important information on how to register for your slot at the event. Please note that the events are invitation only and you must be over 18 to attend.

As if you needed any further encouragement to apply for tickets, members of Team NGamer will be at the Bristol event. Please don't challenge us to any gaming face-offs, though - our delicate egos can't take the inevitable humiliation.