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Old Republic release date now '2011'

September reports looking more likely...

BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will ship in "calendar 2011", EA's said.

The publisher previously suggested the online game would release in Spring 2011.


However, last week an MCV report claimed it will launch worldwide this September - a claim that's looking more likely now that EA's moved the goal posts.

Speaking via its Q3 earnings conference call this morning, the publisher urged its investors to ignore negative press reports over the huge budget its investing into the game - said to be in the region of $100m.

"There's been a fair amount of talk on various blogs describing [Old Republic development] spends that are vastly higher than anything we've ever put in place," EA CFO Scott Brown said.

"Don't read gamer blogs as having any substance. They bring a chuckle, but they also bring a frustration for those that are being responsible with the management of EA's R&D dollars."

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]