WWE All Stars: The greatest wrestling roster ever?

And the slammy goes to....

A recent rematch with All Stars preview code has uncovered some new info on THQ's funky fighter. With access to a near-complete build we've poked and pried about the game's darkest recesses.

Unfortunately we're sworn to secrecy on the game modes, match types and final roster on offer (we can't even talk about that bloke under the info box there - you know the one, he loves sledgehammers...), but we can still reveal a few new details about the brawler and we're confident we won't be in too much trouble if we say we like what we see elsewhere.

Five stars sit on the officially approved list: John Cena, The Rock, Andre The Giant, Rey Mysterio and The Best There Is, The Best There Ever Will Be himself... Bret Hart.


Hands-on play reveals they're split into four categories: brawlers, 'big men' (really), acrobats and grapplers.

Brawlers like The Rock and Cena have unblockable charged strikes, extra combos and dish out bonus damage with stronger strikes, while big men - step forward Andre - are capable of juggling and pushing attackers away during blocking.

They're also much tougher to floor, although are severely impaired by slower speed and an inability to dive out of the ring.

Acrobats, such as Rey Mysterio, are polar opposites. They can bounce attacks off ropes and scale the turnbuckles at a lightning-fast pace. Their speed and aerial craft is at the expense of durability, though, so don't expect to survive too much of a beating.

Finally, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart-style grapplers have tough-to-counter grapples and an impressive ability to pin from a "variety of positions".

We're trusting THQ's wordsmithage on that last point, as there has been zero evidence of it in action during our bouts. And those bouts are fun.

Fights are undoubtedly messier than their Smackdown vs Raw counterparts, but an entirely new control system and a new engine make for a game which any wresting fan can pick up and instantly enjoy, regardless of experience. We anticipate good things.

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