FIFA 12: Player stories and 'match day atmosphere' on improvements list

EA points to Rooney contract saga as example of drama

A key member of the team behind EA Sports' FIFA 12 has highlighted player back stories and "match day atmosphere" as two areas for potential improvement.

FIFA creative director Gary Paterson told the all-new edition of CVG sister mag PSM3 that the title's gameplay is getting "harder and harder to improve on".


However, the exec said that the period when the transfer window is closed in-game is ideal for a little more potential controversy.

He commented: "I think 'matchday atmosphere' is something we need to invest in."

When told that the PSM3 team create their own stories for individual players throughout PES's Master League, Paterson added:

"I think the idea of creating stories throughout the year is something we're very interested in as well.

"It's about creating a football world you immerse yourself in, thing like, you know, the Rooney story [when he said he want to leave Man Utd and then signed a new contract]. [That's] definitely interesting to us.

"Things to do while the transfer window's closed is certainly something that we're looking at."

Paterson's comments come after EA Sports football chief David Rutter told OPM that FIFA 12 is likely to feature improved AI and set-pieces.

The full interview with Gary Paterson features in the new issue of PSM3, in stores tomorrow. Order it and have it delivered to your door here.