Ridge Racer Unbounded announced - Trailer

Flatout dev working on new "wilder" instalment

Namco Bandai's announced a brand new Ridge Racer game dubbed Unbounded - and it looks like nothing we'd expect from the long-running arcade racing series.

Shown to press for the first time in San Francisco last night, Unbounded is in development at acclaimed Flatout studio Bugbear and will be released in 2012.

The debut trailer shows series starlet Reiko strolling through gritty urban streets full of graffiti and steaming vents.

Activating the fob for an unseen car, the Japanese youngster approaches a shadowy alleyway to reveal a beefed-up sports car, and proceeds to scream through the streets in it. This certainly looks like a departure for Ridge Racer.

Speaking to CVG at the event, Namco Bandai's UK marketing head revealed that the new game is a dangerous and wilder version of Ridge Racer.

More details will be released over the coming months, he said.