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Ridge Racer Unbounded a 'dangerous and wilder' racer - Namco

Series departure looking to attract wider audience, says publisher

Just-announced Ridge Racer Unbounded is a more "dangerous" and "wilder" take on the long-running arcade racing series, Namco Bandai's UK marketing head Lee Kirton has told CVG.

Speaking at the publisher's San Francisco Ignite showcase this week, the Namco Bandai man revealed the firm's trying to capture a "wider audience" with the Bugbear-developed title, which was just revealed via a trailer.


"Ridge Racer Unbounded is a brand new title from developer Bugbear," he explained. "I can't disclose any major information on the gameplay as yet, but what I can tell you is that this is the kind of 'dangerous' version of Ridge Racer.

"We explained that we are very faithful with our franchises and with this Ridge Racer title we are showing a much 'wilder' side," he added.

"It's important to point out that it's an important franchise and we hope to open the world of RR to a much wider audience. We have a number of Ridge Racer titles as you know across different formats, and each of these will have a unique style."

More details on Unbounded will be revealed "over the coming months", we were told.

The Unbounded announcement came alongside news that Ridge Racer HD, an iOS title, will be released on the Apple App Store this month.