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Crysis 2 demo's secret 'Pier 17' level - video

Map randomly appearing for players to try out

Players enjoying shootouts in the single-level Crysis 2 demo have been randomly treated to access to a second secret level.

The 'Pier 17' map seems to appear at random for a selection of players who get to play it once before it disappears again, and it's otherwise unreachable.


A Crysis 2 developer has hit the official forums to warn gamers of its sporadic appearance: "Some players may have noticed a map other than Skyline enter into their map rotation. This is not in error, but due to us testing playlists and backup systems," says the rep.

And there's nothing you can do to prompt its arrival, either. "This other map will not be widely available in this demo period, and therefore you will not be able to unlock it yet. During this demo and the period up until launch we will be adjusting and balancing the game and fixing bugs, and we will announce in the coming days what happens after the end of this 360 exclusive demo on Feb 4th," the rep added.

But below is a video of the level in full swing (via Digital Foundry) captured in crisp direct-feed HD, should you want to take a look. You should - word on the street is that it's better than the Skyline map in the demo.

And when you're done check out this incredible Crysis 2 trailer released earlier this week.

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[ SOURCE: Mycrysis forums ]