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Dark Souls 'is not a sequel to Demon's Souls' - Dev

From Software treating it "like a new game", fresh screens released

Dark Souls developer From Software has insisted its spiritual follow-up to Demon's Souls is "not a sequel", and says it's treating the project like a brand new game.


Speaking to CVG at Dark Souls' San Francisco reveal this week, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that while the next Souls title shares themes with last year's PS3 exclusive, it's sporting totally remade game systems and a fresh story.

It looks enough like Demon's Souls 2 to us, though.

"What we we want to clear up is this is actually not a sequel to Demon's Souls - we're treating this as a brand new game created by the same director and producer," Miyazaki-san told CVG in an interview.

"Again it is created by the same director and producer, so the base concept and themes are very similar. However, the story itself as well as a lot of the game features have been recreated so that we can present this as a brand new title."

He added: "So we're not treating this as a sequel, we're treating it as a new game on its own."

The first Dark Souls details emerged from Japan yesterday - and it's also being released on Xbox 360.

We got our first look at Dark Souls this week. Check out our impressions here.