Killzone 3 dev: Sony NGP 'can dominate portable market'

Guerrilla talks up Sony

The Sony NGP (PSP2) can trump Nintendo's 3DS in the handheld market and become the world's dominant portable.

That's according to Killzone 3's lead multiplayer designer Martin Connor, who told CVG that developers working with Sony are excited about the platform holder's latest hardware announcement.


"Some announcements for some of the handhelds in the past - and I'm not just talking about Sony handhelds, any handhelds - sometimes it can be a little bit underwhelming," said the Guerrilla man.

"But this one, everybody's appetite is whetted. We're all really looking forward to it."

"It's probably important, because of the 3DS announcement, that we have something that can not only compete but can go on to dominate the portable market and I think with NGP that's exactly what we've got," he added.

Killzone will be heading to NGP at some point and has already featured in some of the handheld's promotional videos.