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Kojima reveals new 'Devil Project' - but what is it?

Metal Gear auteur teases all-new piece of work

Hideo Kojima is a busy boy. Not only is he hard at work on Metal Gear Solid: Rising and a rumoured MGS HD trilogy - he's also revealed that he's creating an unannounced title which he's calling his "Devil Project".

Writing earlier today on Twitter, Kojima said:


"Have to give priority to another line's scenario etc., so now I cannot work on 'the devil project' and 'writing'."

Slip of the tongue? Mistranslation? Nope siree. He later added:

"Worked on my 'devil project' a bit after lunch. An experiment went well. Plot adjustment. Additional project. Phew.. now another line."

This is a very real thing. As soon as the great man himself reveals more, we'll feed it into your eye boxes.

Kojima last week appeared on stage at the announcement of Sony's NGP in Tokyo. He showed off a tech demo of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the handheld - which looked very tasty indeed.

[ SOURCE: TheSixthAxis ]