Halo: Combat Evolved HD - 3D release in November?

"Sources" spill the beans

Insider "sources" have apparently let slip a Halo: Combat Evolved HD release date of November 15 - along with details of the remake.

According to Joystiq, the remake will apparently be taken care of by Saber Interactive and have new art assets at 1080p resolution and will be 3D compatible.


The report says that the original audio assets will be maintained and that online co-op is likely.

Obviously the problem is that since this is all coming from unnamed sources, none of it is official. The last we heard on the subject of an original Halo remake was also largely based on insider whisperings, when reports suggested new Halo studio 343 would be behind a HD reimagining.

Here's a pinch of salt. Keep it until we manage to find out more.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]