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iPhone 5: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Perhaps we're just suckers for the latest, fastest tech but we'd still like to have the power of 4G as part of our general smart phone experience.

The iPhone 4 has a good handful of sensors so that it can pick-up on every little tilt, twist and turn you do. Thanks to gizmos like an accelerometer and gyroscope built into the current iPhone we're able to play FPS games using movement of the phone itself as an aiming mechanism. You look stupid in public when you're trying to shoot something high-up, granted, but it's pretty neat.


Combining the above sensors with a built-in compass allows us to actually drag the real world into gaming. Fable 3 Kingmaker is an example of a simple way of doing just that. Add the always nerdgasm inducing possibilities of Augmeneted Reality to a game and you've got something truly sci-fi.

More sensors would mean more potential gaming applications. Why not throw as much as we can get in there? Thermometers, heart-rate monitors, pressure sensors, whatever it's monitoring there are plenty of imaginative developers who will be able to come up with a creative use for it in a game.

The day we get a game that can actually sense when we're near ice-cream is the day we'll suggest that mankind has reached its full potential.

We know, we know; as far as gaming is concerned the iPhone is supposed to be all about little bits of gaming on the move but, like we've already said, the iPhone's ability as a gaming device is growing fast and it may not be long before we're having much bigger, deeper experiences.

When you are sitting around at home then, you could come to find that your phone becomes your platform of choice every now and then and you might want to play your now massive awe-inspiring app games on a bigger screen.

With some sort of HDMI connection option (wireless would be our preference of course) we could do just that, using the phone itself as a controller. More options, more ways to play, is something we'll always press for.

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