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ZX Spectrum reborn for new relaunch

2011, meet 1982.

An all-new version of classic gaming device the ZX Spectrum is being readied for release.

The hardware is reportedly being created by games developer Elite Systems Ltd, which was originally founded in England back in 1984.


Although few details are known about the new Spectrum, The Telegraph reports that it will be a bluetooth keyboard designed to look and feel like the original - suggesing you're going to be able to plug it into your telly and play immediately.

Elite has found recent success remaking vintage games for iPhone. These have included ZX Spectrum classics such as Manic Miner and Paperboy, as well as its own ZX Spectrum Collection App. It is currently unclear if Elite's Spectrum keyboard will work in tandem with the iPhone or not.

In 2008, Elite produced a version of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sidekick device from Microsoft's Danger Corporation.

The 8-bit ZX Spectrum was launched in 1982 by Sinclair Systems, but faced stiff competition from the Commodore 64. It celebrates its 30th anniversary next year.

[ SOURCE: Telegraph ]