Dead Space 2 video shows 'Severed' DLC

First three screens of new download content

EA has released a new video Q&A with Dead Space 2's exec producer Steve Papoutsis, who shows off the first ever screenshots of the game's upcoming 'Severed' download content.


Dead Space 2: Severed, as it's called, extends the sequel's single-player story with the addition of two standalone chapters featuring Dead Space: Extraction (Wii, PSN) leads Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock.

In the DLC, the story of Weller and Lexine runs parallel to Isaac's vanilla adventure in Dead Space 2, but this time players will take on the role of Gabe Weller, who's working on the Sprawl as a security guard and has to fight the Necromorph to get both him and Lexine to safety.

Check out the video below for the first shots.

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