New Castle Crashers DLC funds charity

New Pink Knight Pack coming, proceeds going to Breast Cancer charities

Wacky developer The Behemoth has confirmed plans to release a new downloadable pack for the side-scrolling brawler, Castle Crashers.


It's called the Pink Knight Pack and, as you may have cleverly guessed, will include a pink knight as a playable character. He (she?) will also come with "the Lollipop and 4 other brand new additional weapons", explains the developer via its official site.

The PSN-only (momentarily at least) download will go for $1.99, and Behemoth says all revenues will be forwarded to charities devoted to Breast Cancer Research.

So, what about Xbox-owning, pink lovers? "Now before you become sad dear XBLA fans, remember Behemoth loves you too. We are working hard on a title update for XBLA that will feature the Pink Knight as a playable character as well," says the dev.

"In the coming weeks we'll have some more updates as to how and when this update will occur, and most importantly what will be included. Rest assured, Pink Knight is coming for you too. With love."

We bet you can't wait.

[ SOURCE: Behemoth Blog ]