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Deus Ex story influenced by Sly Cooper, The Darkness

"A lot of games do story well," argues writer

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's story has been influenced by games as diverse as Sly Cooper and The Darkness, narrative designer and lead writer, Mary DeMarle told CVG.

Speaking during a phone interview last week, the Eidos Montreal team member argued that some games do get story right - but the medium still has "a ways to go".


"I think a lot of games do aspects of story well... In this game there are definitely elements of a lot of different games that do get it, you get moments where you're like, 'wow, that's really, really cool'," she said.

"One thing that is often mentioned is The Darkness, which has a moment where you're playing a scene with your girlfriend in an apartment. During that you're like 'What am I doing here? I'm watching this TV with my girlfriend, this is so different'.

"It was a really interesting moment where the game pauses and gives you a chance to know your girlfriend and later on - I'm about to spoil something - later on she's killed in front of you and it is so powerful because of that moment."

DeMarle's other influences are more surprising:

"Other references I use are the Sly Cooper games; I love how they convey Sly's personality through animations, voice and character. They all combine to create a character that is so real," she explained.

"One of my favourite games is Resident Evil 4. The story in that is very simple but what I love about it is the exact perfect mix and depth of story that you need for that type of game. It propels you through what is a really fun game."

Last week Square Enix released a new cinematic Deus Ex trailer, which coincided with our own hands-on impressions. We can't wait for this one.

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