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Sony NGP: Aliens vs. Predator engine 'fully playable' on PSP2

Rebellion demonstrating "multiplayer third person shooter" on console

Rebellion's announced that its internal game engine, Asura now fully supports Sony NGP (PSP2 to newcomers).

The tech, which has been used to power last year's Aliens Vs. Predator and The Simpsons Game on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, has been adapted to the PSP successor over the last few months, the studio says.


The Asura engine is now demonstrable on NGP with a fully playable demo of a "multiplayer third person shooter".

Rebellion has been able to support the NGP so quickly because the Asura engine is a complete package, with no middleware required for game elements such as physics or lighting - and it's now ready for publishers to sign up, it says.

Jason Kingsley, CEO said of the news: "The technology, design and art teams have worked incredibly well with Sony's newest device. We have managed to make our engine fully functional, and looking great on the hardware in double quick time. We'll be attending DICE and GDC to show what we have created and look for business partners."

NGP price concerns have been dampened recently with publishers such as Ubisoft reassuring gamers that the cost of the device will be "attractive" and Sony itself promising it will be 'affordable'.