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Dead Space 2: A victory for creativity

Opinion: EA's belief in a new IP benefits us, all says Tom Pakinkis...

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But I also hope that EA and Visceral know when to quit. Dead Space is going to become a new money-spinner on the books and could be for some time. With the addition of multiplayer and spin-offs in the world of film and literature, EA is clearly looking for different ways to exploit this now successful franchise. That's fine as long as it's not at the expense of quality (and we're assured it won't be).

You see, while gamers love a good sequel, "good" is the key word. You only need to thumb through some of the Call of Duty comments on CVG to see that we'll turn on a series as soon as it gets stale (although the wider public don't appear to be so scrutinising).

So Dead Space has suddenly become one of the most progressive and pleasing series of recent times - and a symbol to publishers that initial failure doesn't necessary rule out long-term success. I hope it gets recognised and remembered as such for a long time yet.

But then, I also hope that I never have to write about 'Dead Space 14: Revenge of Isaac III.'

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