iPhone 5 vs. PlayStation Phone: Which is the gamer's choice?

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With Sony almost ready to officially reveal the PlayStation Phone (as if it really needed an official reveal) and Apple expected to launch the iPhone 5 in the summer, we've got a bit of choosing to do.

As video game fanatics, we'd be pretty happy if every electrical item we own had some gaming capabilities.

The Kinect fridge, anyone? Yeah, we thought you'd go for that.


For this reason, when it comes to choosing a phone, you'd think one with its very own PlayStation controller would be the way to go. While it'll obviously be nowhere near as powerful as the NGP, the PlayStation Phone (or Xperia Play) does have most of the buttons you need and we've already seen the likes of Resident Evil 2 running on it.

Indeed, Sony's PlayStation Suite opens up the possibility of classic PS gaming on the go for a host of Android-enabled handsets - which will no doubt draw the interest of a host of gamers.

Plus two for Sony, then - but let's not forget the impact Epic's Infinity Blade had on the iPhone, which is quickly progressing as a gaming platform in its own right. Nothing has been officially announced for the iPhone 5, but Apple is making all the right noises about gaming. Who knows what they could spring on us?

And let's not forget the already available Windows Phone 7 platform; another capable mobile gaming device, which Microsoft has actually named as its contribution to portable gaming.

A trio of strong contenders are on offerin the space this year - but which tickles your fancy? Are you leaning towards a mobile phone gaming decision this year - and which is it and why?