Bulletstorm PC buyers can get Shank free

EA offers freebie via its online store

EA is offering gamers the chance to grab 2D side-scrolling beat-'em-up Shank for free when they pre-order Bulletstorm for PC via its own online store.


There is a catch, however - if you want the freebie, you're going to have to pre-order the Limited Edition of People Can Fly's FPS.

Shank was developed by Klei Entertainment and originally released by EA in August last year. Its story was written by God of War co-creator Marianne Krawczyk and tells the tale of Shank's quest for revenge.

Meanwhile, awareness of Bulletstorm was given a boost last week by PCF and EA's viral downloadable spoof of Call Of Duty, Duty Calls.

EA announced this morning that the five-minute game has been downloaded over a million times worldwide.

[ SOURCE: EA Store ]