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Killzone 3 swearing 'a lot more impactful'

"In Killzone 2 we ended up with too much of it," says Guerrilla

Guerrilla Games game director Mathijs de Jonge has been chatting about the merits of swearing in games, and with Killzone 3 he feels the studio have got just the right amount.


"In Killzone 2 we ended up with too much of it," he told Edge. "The thing about swearing is that it's highly effective when it's done right, and in Killzone 3 I think there's some swearing but if feels a lot more impactful.

"It's at the right times," he added. "In total, I think there's seven 'f*** yous' and one 'mother***er'. I think that's fine."

Killzone 3's "bloody violence and strong language" earned the game an 18 rating from the BBFC.

In more important rating news, we scored Killzone 3 8.5/10 GamesMaster gave it a 77 percent score, OPM a 9/10 and Edge a 7/10.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]