Miyamoto wanted FIFTEEN versions of Nintendogs

Mario maker wanted to let the dogs out

Is three versions of Nintendogs not enough? No, it's not for Miyamoto really either.

According to the latest Iwata Asks, the legendary Nintendo man had originally planned to have 15 (15!) versions of the petting title on the shelves so that buyers would feel like they were actually visiting a pet shop and choosing a dog.


The sales team at Nintendo apparently told Miyamoto that that'd be too difficult for retailers so they went with three.

Also included in the discussion points around the Nintendo round-table was the original possibility of having Nintendogs on the Wii,

"We actually considered it for the Wii system," said Nintendogs & Cats producer Hideki Konno. "But it doesn't have a microphone, so you couldn't talk to your dog."

"There's a distance between the Wii Remote and the television, so it might not have felt like you were petting your dog," Miyamoto added to the list of obstacles.

Nintendogs and Cats will, of course, be coming to the 3DS at launch. Have a look at the screenshots if you haven't already.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]