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Gran Turismo Academy competition rocked by cheaters

Round two cancelled following widespread use of 'inappropriate tactics'

Cheaters have forced Sony to scrap the second round of its online Gran Turismo Academy competition.


GT Academy, which kicked off on December 20, sees players compete in a series of GT5 online trials using Nissan cars to win a race in a real tournament, but underhand tactics are threatening to spoil the competition.

Sony said: "In Round 2 of the GT Academy held from January 31 to February 6, we have found repeatedly that it was possible to inappropriately cut corners or intentionally hit the walls to shorten lap times.

"Because of this we are effectively negating Round 2 of the competition, allowing EVERYONE who entered round 2 to automatically progress to Round 3. As notified before, we had changed the course for the event twice due to these issues, but we were unable to completely eliminate the problem.

"For this reason we are now working on an update that will help prevent this type of inappropriate driving. Because Round 3 must take place after the release of this update, the previously announced schedule of February 14, 2011 9:00AM is subject to change. The new schedule hereafter will be announced again at a later date.

"We send our sincere apologies to all participants of Round 2, for the repeated inconvenience and turmoil this may have caused. We are currently working hard to make the necessary adjustments to prepare a fair race environment for everyone, and ask for your patience until Round 3 of the competition is ready."

[ SOURCE: Sony ]