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Gears of War Kinect is an on-rails shooter - report

Game said to re-use assets and events from Gears 2

An inside source has seemingly confirmed that the long-rumoured Gears of War title for Microsoft's Kinect is indeed in the works.

Speaking to Kotaku, "unnamed sources" said to be familiar with the project stated that it'll be an on-rails shooter, taking character control away from the player.

The title is rumoured to re-use assets and events from Gears of War 2. Although an image has been provided, it is said to be from an older concept demo for a Gears of War Kinect game and therefore may not represent the final product.

Reports of a standalone Gears of War Kinect title being in the works date back to last Novemeber.


Epic Games filed a trademark and registered the logo for Gears of War: Exile last month, leading to speculation that it may be the title of the Gears of War Kinect game.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]