Sony NGP: Japan wants Metal Gear, Monster Hunter PSP2

Famitsu survey quizzes readers on handheld

Famitsu has published results from a survey quizzing its readers over Sony's NGP, including Japan's most requested games for the handheld.

Of the 1,208 Japanese gamers quizzed, 76.2% say they'll purchase the PSP follow-up - despite the fact there's no price or release date yet - 7.9% said no, and the remaining 15.9% said they're not sure.


As for what Japan expects to be paying out for the NGP, the most popular response was 30,000 (£225) or below, which received 42.5% of the vote. That would of course put it in the same price range as the Nintendo 3DS.

Expectedly, the most requested NGP title from Famitsu's survey was overwhelmingly a new Monster Hunter title, followed by Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Tales and Kingdom Hearts.

Equally unsurprisingly, Famitsu listed Capcom and Konami as their most wanted third-party developers on NGP.

Sony has gone on record that the NGP price will be 'affordable' and Ubisoft concurs.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]