Wild new Bulletstorm screens arouse the senses

TV psychologist Carole Lieberman, these are for you

EA has unleashed eight new images of People Can Fly's upcoming FPS Bulletstorm for your delectation.

The shots show a bunch of Godzilla-sized beasts trying to take a chunk out of hero Grayson hunt.


They come off the back of some rather questionable coverage for Bulletstorm. Notoriously reactionary news broadcaster Fox News asked yesterday if it was the "worst game of all time". We're guessing they've never seen ET or Superman 64.

Within Fox's diatribe... sorry, 'news coverage', Emmy Award-winning psychologist Carole Lieberman made the stunning assumption that video games were directly responsible for an increase in rape.

Yep. It's still a bit surreal to read those actual words. We're not sure if EA PR is head-in-hands or having a party this morning.

The very adults-only Bulletstorm will be released for 360, PS3 and PC on February 22 in the US and three days later in the UK.