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Ace Combat dev wants 'Call of Duty success'

Assault Horizon aims to be Modern Warfare of the skies

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is aiming to bring the accessibility and popularity of first-person shooters to the flight-sim genre, says developer Namco Bandai.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, game director Kazutoki Kono explained that while Assault Horizon has taken no direct influence from Call of Duty, he believes Ace Combat can bring something new to audiences of Activision's series.

Kono-san said of the upcoming Ace Combat instalment: "We believe there have been a lot of FPS games coming out recently, the market has been a little saturated with them. We'd like to bring something new where you're shooting in a high-speed environment, we want to bring something new to the table.


"A lot of people who aren't flight-sim players are telling us how it's really cool and they're interested [in our game]. To hear that feedback is reassuring and we hope that we'll nail it"

The director added: "We didn't have direct influence from Call of Duty, but I do think it is a spectacular game and we would like to reach the same level of success."

Assault Horizon, in case you missed this rather impressive trailer, is a more up close and personal take on the flight series, with visceral dog fights, big explosion and debris smashing off your windscreen.

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