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Microsoft shows 'Halo 5' logo... in mock 'future' house

Update: News report exposes very premature branding

[Update. A Microsoft rep has told CVG: "The logos in question were created for a tech demo in a futuristic home, and are not an accurate representation of our plans for our games franchises".]

Behind the scenes footage at Microsoft has exposed a company-approved logo for Halo 5. No, really.

But don't get too excited - it's almost certainly a mock-up.

A Channel 4 news report showcasing Microsoft's prototype technology today featured an MS spokesperson using a Kinect-style device to select various icons, including Project Gotham Racing and "Inside Halo 5".


Okay, so that alone is little for 'Chief fans to lose their minds over - but it's at least interesting that the company can comprehend a time when we'll be playing numbered sequels again.

In more realistic Halo news, insider "sources" piped up again this month, suggesting a November release date for the long-rumoured Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake.

Microsoft has also snapped up a Halo Kinect website.

It's only a matter of time, surely.