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Kinect's secret future revealed by MS

'Microsoft Home' takes motion control to next level

Microsoft has shown off a fully functioning, behind-closed-doors 'future house' based on its own technology - with Kinect-style motion control at its core.

'Microsoft Home', based at its headquarters in Redmond, Seattle includes a mock child's bedroom. On the room's wall are a selection of Microsoft entertainment choices.


During an exclusive first look by Channel 4 news, Microsoft Home's Jonathan Cluts walks viewers through the mock house.

"My daughter's room has this ability to have her wake it up," he explains, before saying "wake up" out loud to the space. Lights come on and digital wallpaper springs to life

Cluts then gestures at a "sun" on the wall to bring up a selection of applications.

"I can now just use my hand to pick the various things that can be applied to the room," he says, moving his palm across the space in front of him to move an imaginary 'cursor'.

It's not full clear what device is exactly picking up Cluts' motion - but the voice recognition and motion response is very reminiscent of Kinect. The MS exec even picks a choice called "Grandma's Room" which makes the ambience more sedate.

A MS laptop sits awake in the corner throughout. Check out the new tech - and other new ideas MS HQ is working on in secret - in the short video below.