'Please Duke Nukem Forever, include infinite health'

Mailbox: One reader misses the cheats of old...

In last week's Mailbox Kevin White compared the Microsoft and Sony motion control efforts and chose his winner without a hint of doubt.

This week new gamer Zeo Fox pleads developers to lend a helping hand to noobs (not our words):

I love playing games... but as I'm a NOOB amateur gamer I do find them quite difficult. So why have game-makers like Ubisoft and others stopped putting cheats like Infinite Health or Level Select in their games? Some people do need a little help and if I'm spending £40 on a game I find it saddens me that after twenty minutes of playing, that's it.

I love playing Red Dead, GTA and The Orange Box, but I would love to play Duke Nukem Forever, Deus Ex and so on. I own about 40 games, but if there were decent cheats around I'd own about 150!


I've punched my console in anger at Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway and punched a hole in the wall thanks to Black Ops, shouting "How good do I have to be?!" Oh please let Duke Nukem Forever have Infinite Health...

Xbox World 360 says: Well kudos to you for your honesty, Zeo! Good old-fashioned cheats have been all-but dead for eons now - they just seemed to fade out universally, at the same time.

The shame is that they can be used so brilliantly when they are well implemented - just think back to the amazing GoldenEye.

CVG says: While we don't really have a hankering for cheats these days, we do appreciate the nostalgic pang for things like big head or double speed modes.

If you're looking for classic "up, down, left, right cheats" Zeo, you're right, you probably won't find that many around, but GTA still includes something similar.

Niko's phone in GTA IV can dial in all kinds of cheats including weapons and vehicles. - Handy if you're struggling but more fun if you just fancy a Sunday of unlimited destruction.

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