Confirmed: Activision axes Guitar Hero, True Crime

DJ Hero dev also sees layoffs in shocking announcement

Activision has announced the axing of both the Guitar Hero series and promising open-world game, True Crime: Hong Kong.

Speaking via its earnings call tonight, the publisher confirmed the closure of its Guitar Hero business unit and the cancelation of this year's in-development Guitar Hero game.


"We simply cannot make these games profitable given the current market," the publisher said.

Activision also confirmed the cancelation of True Crime: Hong Kong, which only last month CVG flew to see at development studio United Front Games in Vancouver.

Even with its most optimistic projections, said the firm, it couldn't see True Crime reaching the top of the open-world genre.

The shocking news comes just a month after confirmation of the closure of Project Gotham studio Bizarre.

Vicarious Visions, developer of Guitar Hero on Wii, and UK-based DJ Hero studio FreeStyleGames, are also said to be victim to staff cuts tonight.

"These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world's best interactive entertainment experiences," said Activision in a statement alongside its earnings results.

The publisher says it will now focus on Blizzard games, Call of Duty, Bungie's new IP and an "innovative new universe" it's set to announce at Toy Fair later this week.