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Crytek: 'We're looking at other genres'

Interview pt.1: Cevat Yerli on the firm's CryEngine3-fuelled ambitions...

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There's a lot of interest in a new Timesplitters game. Is that a discussion you're having at Crytek?

Yeah, we have been discussing it, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so let's see after Crysis 2.

Are you actively looking at more acquisition targets or was Free Radical just fortunate timing?

Free Radical was great timing as we were looking for a multiplayer team for Crysis 2 as I didn't want the same team doing campaign and multiplayer. I wanted a team to dedicate all their time and passion solely to multiplayer and not get distracted by anything else. That opportunity was unfortunate for Free Radical back then but fortunate for us then, and fortunate for both of us now. It was a really strong opportunity and win-win for everybody.

Have you had any exposure to OnLive or Gaikai and what are your feelings on the potential impact of those two services?

I used OnLive in a test condition. I haven't used it in a real world situation since it doesn't exist in Europe and in the US I barely have the time to try it out. When I did try it, it seemed to work, but I had question marks about the sustainability of the business model.

It also lacks the killer app. These kind of platforms need a game that is exclusive to the platform, that shows it off and can't be done on other platforms. If it just becomes a redistribution service that is low-cost and accessible from the client side I don't think that's enough. But for example, if it launched with Crysis as an exclusive OnLive title it could have been a great argument for OnLive. I think OnLive is a great first mover, but there's still a rocky road there.

Do you have any hopes or worries for the industry in 2011 and are there any big trends that you think might dominate next year?

I think mobile is going to take off much more. Online, mobile and internet-based games are taking off like rockets right now. I think that is going to continue and people will gravitate towards them a lot more.

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