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Battlefield 3 PC: Console ports 'not how we do things', says DICE

Studio committed to PC audience because 'it's the one complaining'

Battlefield 3 will lead on PC first because its audience "has been the one complaining".

That's according to exec producer Patrick Bach, who explained to US retail mag Game Informer exactly why the studio's focusing on PC first - and console second.


"We won't make [Battlefield 3] for console and port it to PC - that's not how we do things," he said. "We're focusing on PC first, and then we fiddle with it to fit it onto consoles."

As previously revealed, Battlefield 3 will feature 64-player multiplayer on PC - but not on console.

Why only on PC? "The PC audience has been the one complaining," Bach explained. "We actually haven't heard any complaints from the console audience. We are letting the PC audience make use of the very expensive hardware that they just bought so they can tick all the boxes and go for the 64-player fights," he said.

"We do care about the PC audience, and we will have a lot of extra goodies for the PC while also making sure console players won't be left out," he added, noting that the only bad news will come in the form of mod tools, which it won't deliver in "the same way" it did with Battlefield 2.

More Battlefield 3 details arrived via the US mag earlier this week.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]