Play Nintendo 3DS this weekend for free

Live near Glasgow or Bristol? Consider youself invited

Nintendo is giving gamers who can make it to Glasgow or Bristol this weekend the chance to get their hands on the astonishing 3DS for free.

The platform holder will welcome gamers to locations in both cities this Saturday and Sunday, at a special pre-launch event.


We're promised that a range of as-yet unreleased 3DS games and software will be available to play with. (Over 18's only we're afraid).

To get your name booked in, just visit Nintendo's website and register. It's dead simple - which is always a bonus.

The events have been set up in conjunction with CVG friends The Official Nintendo Magazine.

"Official Nintendo Magazine readers in Glasgow and Bristol have got a unique opportunity to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS way before their peers, so this is a really exciting event for us," said ONM editor in chief Neil Long.

"It really is a handheld that you have to see for yourself, so alongside our launch partner HMV we're chuffed to be giving so many people the chance to discover how Nintendo 3DS is going to revolutionise portable gaming."