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PS3 exclusive Way Of The Samurai 4 - 35 screenshots

Take a look at action adventure here

35 new screenshots of PS3 exclusive Way Of the Samurai 4 have been released by the game's Japanese publisher, Spike - and you can see 'em all here.

The action adventure is currently only slated for a Japanese release. However, its predecessor was eventually brought to PS3 in Europe by Rising Star Games and in the US by Agetec.


Way Of The Samurai 3 was released in 2008, also as a PlayStation exclusive, but was eventually ported to Xbox 360.

A Famitsu reveal of Way Of The Samurai 4 earlier this year said that the game allows four kinds of heroes to choose from: young, young man, and middle aged.

Through actions, you'll then be able to choose to align them with one of three feuding groups.