Have your say on the next Fable game

Lionhead wants to know what's most important to you in the series

Lionhead has launched a survey to find out what Fable players value most in the franchise.

The survey asks players to rate the importance of a number of criteria including accessibility, freedom, online co-op, humour, and of course, dogs.


"Sure we could try and digest 1,000,000 forum posts and come up with the data that way, but it would take way too long and so it isn't very efficient," Lionhead said.

"Secondly, it's a call out to the wider gaming community to hear how you rank your Fable games' features."

Sounds as if Lionhead's got its mind on future games in the series and wants your input.

The studio is currently working on the PC version of Fable 3, which was originally set to hit shelves on October 26 last year alongside the Xbox 360 edition.

[ SOURCE: Lionhead ]