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Nintendo 3DS UK price war rages on

Zavvi, Asda latest retailers to go sub-£200

Nintendo's decision to let retailers decide the price of the Nintendo 3DS appears to have worked out well for Johnny Consumer, as at least three retailers have gone under £200.

After Amazon dropped its UK 3DS price to £197, now Zavvi has responded by cutting the cost of the 3DS to £199.85, along with a free carry case.


Zavvi's sub-£200 price is the same as ShopTo's offer, which doesn't include any accessories.

Meanwhile Asda-Direct has also cut its price to £199.99, but its £15 off voucher has expired.

The best of the lot however is Toys R Us, which has come in with a bargain price tag of £196.99

You can also buy a 3DS from Tesco for £197 with a special voucher but the offer runs out today.

Official Nintendo Magazine has rounded up all the best 3DS pre-order deals in the UK.