World of Goo iPad significantly outperforms Wii, PC

But consoles still 'safer' for indies than 'App Store lottery

The iPad version of 2D Boy's brilliant physics-based puzzle game, World of Goo, has sold considerable more in its first month on iPad than in any 31-day period on WiiWare and PC. Anyone still think Apple's not a part of the console war?


The increasing strength of the Apple platform is pulling focus away from consoles, according to 2D Boy. "In 2008, with the successful releases of Castle Crashers, Braid, and World of Goo, it became fairly clear that consoles were "where it's at" for independent developers, and a lot of attention was given to which console provided the best distribution opportunities," it said.

"World of Goo's launch on iPad gave us a new perspective on that discussion. In the first month of sales on the iPad App Store, World of Goo sold 125k copies (thanks to being prominently featured by Apple). In comparison, World of Goo's best 31 day period on WiiWare was 68k copies (thanks to a mass mailing by Nintendo), and on Steam it was 97k copies (thanks to two promotions at discounted prices).

"So far, the iPad version is by far the fastest selling version of the game, both in terms of number of units sold and in revenue generated."

It goes on: "What makes this even more amazing is that this is a two year old game released on a platform that is less than a year old. The iPad doesn't have the benefit of an install base built up over several years."

That'll have dollar signs spinning in the eyes of indie developers, but 2D Boy iPad releases aren't necessarily an easy win, and that consoles are still a 'safer' bet.

"In the short term, we still think that if an independent developer can get their game on a console it's a safer bet than playing the App Store lottery, but one might wonder whether, in the long run, it even matters who wins the PSN / WiiWare / XBLA race."

Rumours regarding the specs and release of the iPad 2 have been heating up, with the latest reports claiming it'll be thinner, lighter, considerably more powerful and have two cameras.

[ SOURCE: 2D Boy blog ]