Sony NGP price: could it be less than £200?

It must be less than £300 to compete, say retailers

The Sony NGP price must be less than £300 if it's going to compete with the 3DS according to retailers, but some are predicting prices of less than £200.

ShopTo's marketing manager Phil Driver has an optimistic estimation, expecting a sub £200 NGP price tag.

"Our community is very interested in the NGP and many have pre-ordered it already," he said.


"We are predicting the machine will retail for around £199.99."

Other gaming outlets are predicting price tags somewhere between £200 and £300 for the Sony handheld previously known as the PSP2.

"Sony has to stay sub-£300," CHIPS joint MD Don McCabe told MCV.

"It can justify up to £300 with all the capabilities the NGP has, but anything above that - forget it.

"If Sony can expand on its innovative touch pad with the right amount of Android games, then the machine may even outperform the Nintendo 3DS."

Some retailers are hopefully of an NGP price that matches Nintendo's 3DS although they remain realistic:

"It would be fantastic for Sony to price match the 3DS with an RRP of £229.99," Gameseek's MD Stephen Staley said. "But I believe this will be unrealistic. I think it will probably be more like £299.99."

Online retailers, however, are confident that consumers will be happy with the product they get with their money.

"Initial customer interest has been strong so we're looking forward to a successful and exciting launch," said's games buyer Keith Sharpe.

"I'm sure the device will be seen as value for money and become a big seller."

A potential leaked photo of the GameStop database yesterday suggested that the NGP price will indeed be £299.99, although nothing is confirmed yet of course.