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Homemade Superman Kinect features Darth Vader

Indie demo makes you Man of Steel

Superman Kinect is a reality, albeit not a very polished one, thanks to members of the University of Amsterdam.

Programmers at the University have used Kinect to control a virtual Superman utilising the power of flight, freeze breath, laser vision and super strength.

By combining Kinect with a Vuzix headset, the team swap a third-person view for first with full head-tracking.

It's not the prettiest thing, with Superman's cape often stuck in his body and the accompanying soundtrack is an assault on the ears, but it's cool nonetheless.

Oh, did we mention the final face-off is with Darth Vader?

Close Close

Speaking of Vader, Kinect fiddlers managed to create something resembling Princess Leia's hologram message using the Microsoft motion sensor back in January.