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Metro 2034 'can compete with Call of Dutys'

THQ to give sequel "a much more respectful" marketing push

In a crowded world of FPS games, atmospheric shooter Metro 2033 probably didn't get the attention it deserved, but publisher THQ aims to change that with the upcoming sequel.

The firm's VP of core games, Danny Bilson, told IGN that Metro 2034 will receive "a much more respectful" marketing push and that it has the ability to compete with "the Call of Dutys".

"The sequel's even more advanced in terms of the technology," he said. "The sequel's going to get a lot more support than the first one got both from product development at THQ and marketing.


"There were certain things in [Metro 2033], even though it looked sensational, some of the shooting mechanics need to be better polished to compete with the Call of Dutys. They are this time. For marketing it'll get a much more respectful push."

Metro 2034 won't be out for another year at least, so you've got plenty of time to play the original. If you're keen to do so, Steam users who pre-purchase Homefront will receive a free copy of Metro 2033.