Sony NGP: Porting PS3 games 'simple and quick'

Platform holder wanted to make PSP2 development "as natural as possible"

Porting PlayStation 3 games to PSP successor, NGP is "simple and quick", worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida boss told Edge.

Speaking in the mag's latest issue - which is with subscribers now - Yoshida called making NGP's development environment "as easy as possible" a priority - but stressed that it doesn't mean we'll only see PS3 ports on the handheld.

"We were very focused on this area from the start. This is, again, a lesson learnt from the PS3," he told Edge. "We had to make the development environment for NGP as 'easy' as possible. Today, many teams are familiar with the PS3 and are used to including a variety of effects in their titles.

"Based on this expertise - and also the working habits they developed working on the PS3 - we had to make development on the NGP as natural as possible - an extension of the PS3, if you will.

"So the three demos you've seen - Lost Planet 2, Ryu Ga Gotoku [Yakuza] and MGS4 - they prove porting is simple and quick, but it doesn't mean that's all you can expect. My view of NGP isn't just as a platform for porting PS3 titles."

Sony's already shown footage of Killzone and Resistance running on NGP. A version of Uncharted is also in development.

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