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'Games cause rape increase' psychologist speaks her mind again

But doesn't change it

The prominent US TV psychologist who told Fox News earlier this week that an "increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games" has moved to further explain her outrageous views in a new interview.

While Fox only used the most sensational comments Carole Lieberman provided for its report, the broadcaster didn't get her wrong.

"The more video games a person plays that have violent sexual content, the more likely one is to become desensitized to violent sexual acts and commit them," she told Kotaku.


According to the report, Lieberman has previously described video games, along violent movies, toys, and rap lyrics as "modern weapons of mass destruction" that "are causing us to destroy each other - on playgrounds and battlegrounds".

In her latest interview she claimed that "thousands of studies relate violent media, including video games, to an increase in violence in general", and admitted that she'd suffered a massive backlash from angry gamers over the past few days.

"The irony is here are people trying to say video games don't cause people to be violent, but the ones I've read are very violent. They're out of control... People don't like to hear that violent media causes violence or desensitization. But this has been a particularly violent backlash."

Lieberman added: "When people combine sexual and violent images, particularly in video games where you're not just passively watching, you're pushing buttons, you're getting physically involved in this act, it has a particularly stimulating impact. It stimulates the sex center of the psyche and the violence center of the psyche and make the whole effect more stimulating.

"And so it's natural that the more the violent impulses are stimulated...[she paused] it's not that everyone goes out and kills but people become more aggressive with getting into parking spots or everyday things... so when there are also sexual things, like words in this new game they are using, or images, it stimulates the two centers in the psyche and makes the overall impact linking sex and violence - and desensitizing people to violent sex - more impactful, more inciteful."

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]