Battlefield 3: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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We really like this feature even in games without a strong team-based community because it keeps us on our toes, but in the kind of multiplayer world that Battlefield manages to put together the effect would be multiplied.

There you are doing your bit for the team; an explosion here, a snipe there, when all of a sudden you're informed of a convoy coming through the battlefield. The enemy needs to destroy it, so you need to protect it. It'd take communication and organisation to establish who was going to be assigned to the new mission and who would keep pursuing and maintaining the main objective. It'd take Battlefield's teamwork ethos to a new level.

You're probably aware that DICE is still on the fence about what kind of mod tools will be provided with Battlefield 3. What has been said, however, is that there won't be any at launch.


The reason we've been given is that Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2.0 engine is so sophisticated (it makes next-gen games on current-gen systems don't you know) that it would take a lot of extra time and dev-power to dumb it down to something the average schmuck could work with.

Except there are PC boys and girls out there that are far from average and actually have some serious skills when it comes to tweaking video games. You'll have seen some of the amazing things modders have been doing with things like Microsoft's Kinect and games like Fallout: New Vegas.

When it comes to Battlefield, we don't need to remind you what kind of things we had from the likes of Project Reality Studios in Battlefield 2.

As the name suggests, the mod team added gameplay features that made Battlefield 2 more realistic such as localised damage systems and bullet drop.

Regardless of the details of the mod, what it means is that ideas that might usually be too commercially risky for a game or too strenuous on the old pocket can be taken on by the modding community. As for the rest of us, it means we get a wider variety cool ideas and features.

While we think there are people out there that could handle some more sophisticated modding tools, we appreciate that making them as simple to use as possible is always helpful and that will take time. We'll wait for you DICE, don't worry, as long as we get a decent set of mod tools eventually.

This is one that splits fans. Some people want as many weapons as the US army, others want just a handful of arms to pick from.

We take the view that more is better but only if you're able to maintain quality across the board. There's no point in having racks and racks of different rifles, handguns and heavier weapons if you only actually want to use four or five of them.

If we are going to have a wide selection in our gun cabinet we need every one of them to be slick, fluid and pack a real kick. We don't want to find ourselves in the heat of war with little more than a BB gun in our hand.

The more breadth you have though, the more likely it is that quality will dip somewhere along the line. So Battlefield's weapon selection needs to strike that balance between quantity and quality.

One way to ensure quality and still provide plenty of variety is to keep the weapons base relatively narrow but provide more customisation options.

We'd love to get to the stage where weapons can be tuned so acutely, where we have a gun we love so much, we feel compelled to give it a name. A stage where everyone on the map is packing a slightly different piece, tweaked to their preference.

We think keeping that core of weapons tight and of high quality is the key though, that way players can choose whether they use Battlefield 3's weapons as they come or tinker to their heart's content.

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