Nintendo merchandise that WILL empty your wallet

Warning, once you see this stuff there's no going back

It's every old-school Nintendo fan's greatest weakness; merchandise. Especially that of the Mario variety.


You see, life is perfectly fine before we see stuff like this. We were happy without it. But as soon as we lay eyes on it life simply cannot continue until we own it. The world is not the same place if we can't have it. It's not a case of 'want'. It's totally 'need'.

And so every time we stumble on a store full of Nintendo memorabilia that we haven't already snapped up in previous sporadic spending sprees, we hear our wallet quivering in fear.

It's going to be emptied. No doubt.

This is one such booth, only this stuff isn't for sale. Not all of it anyway (thank God, we need the money). It's being shown off at the Toy Fair 2011 in US. That's where Kotaku took this video of Mario toys that are so perfectly modeled it's like Shigeru Miyamoto made them personally.

Check those fricking Goombas. OMG, NEED!

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]